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  • Uluwatu Temple Tour
  • Uluwatu Temple Tour
  • Uluwatu Temple Tour
  • Uluwatu Temple Tour
  • Uluwatu Temple Tour
  • Uluwatu Temple Tour
  • Uluwatu Temple Tour
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Bali Puja Tour is one of some choices how to reach certain destinations during your vacation in Bali. Bali is widely popular among both local tourists and foreigners. Presenting wonderful places and views, Bali cannot be enjoyed only in one night. Bali is divided into several areas with each uniqueness and characteristics. Southern Bali, for instance, is a great escape for those who love beaches and seas as well with fancy art galleries. Whenever you are looking for tourist souvenirs in affordable prices, Southern Bali is the answer. It is also incredible for imposing Balinese temples and friendly surfing breaks. There are lots of things can be done here, and one of them is visiting Uluwatu Temple.

Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu Temple, has another name called Pura Luhur Uluwatu, is the most amazing place where tourists can enjoy sunset followed by kecak dance. Believed as one of Bali’s spiritual pillars, Uluwatu Temple is addressed at splendid location, which is on top of a sharp cliff about 70 meters above the sea level. Why does Pura Luhur Uluwatu become must-be-visited destination? Such question perhaps has popped on your mind, but here is the answer. The temple is surrounded by the magnificent Indian Ocean, giving you definitely an opportunity to watch how the sun backs to its place when the evening is coming. Kecak Dance, the traditional dancing, is also performed daily, being such a good reason why you need to write Uluwatu Temple down on your vacation list. Also your eyes won’t be ignoring ancient sculptures, traditionally-designed gateways, and Balinese architecture that are successfully depicted. Uluwatu Temple has a small forest where hundreds of monkeys settle. These monkeys stay there for reasons. Balinese people believe that they are guardians of temple protecting it from negative influences.

The Tour

Actually there are some alternatives to reach Uluwatu Temple, but for those who are new in Bali, knowing no routes, we suggest to hire our BALI HIRE CAR who drive by Bali Puja Tour. From the city of Denpasar, it takes long routes and hours to safely arrive at the temple. With our mission to allow tourists have an amazing journey to the essence of Bali, you will be the witness of Bali’s natural charm. By taking our Uluwatu Sunset Temple tour, you let yourself to take pleasure in every minute of journey. For the tour, we will start to enjoy SPA or body treatment will be more complete and satisfactory during your holiday in Bali. This tour, we combine with SPA and we start our trip from SPA or massage at Kupu Kupu Mas you can Enjoy massage and tourism SPA will relax your body and all the muscles are stiff the next day so that your body feels fresh and ready to indulge back. Bali Spa now comes with the best service for you, of course with a very affordable price. You may choose how many hour you want do massage 1 or 2 hours is a good time relax your body.

Then we pass and stop by at some spots. We will may stop at Padang- Padang Beach. we continues to visit Uluwatu Temple is really wonderful temple located at the top of rocky cliff at Pecatu village, Kuta district, Badung regency. The temple standing on a cliff, and before evening, the temple gives you a perfect spot to enjoy sunset without having obstacles. Around the Ocean, Sea view very beautiful, there also is a small forest inhabited by hundreds of monkeys every evening before Sunset can be watch Kecak Dance, the dance the background of a very beautiful sunset. Kecak Dance is very simple, both dancers and costumes, and it’s accompanied by chorus. The Kecak Dance consist of about one hundred men wearing only a loin – cloth, the upper parts of their bodies left bare.

for watching sunset and Kecak Dance before going back to hotel or having dinner first. Be happy with us, the best BALI HIRE CAR with Bali Puja Tour.

Kecak Dance: Unique Balinese Dance performed for dance-dramas and the story presented is take from the Ramayana epic. Jimbaran Seafood Dinner : This place is a favorite tourist spot in Bali, offering a variety of well-known attractions such as the centre of seafood (Seafood centre) and the atmosphere that night Jimbaran beach is beautiful and romantic dinner.

Tour highlight

* The itinerary below is only rough timing, would be change depend on the pickup point and traffic condition on the day itself.

  • This tour may start around mid day 12:00
  • Tour will be finish after dinner time
  • Place for dinner is decided by clients or ask our driver if it necessary

Estimate Time & Places to Visit :

  • Start from Hotel at 12.00 AM.
  • 12.00 – 01.30 : Enjoy SPA or Massage at Kupu Kupu Mas.
  • 02.30 – 04.00 : Padang Padang Beach.
  • 04.30 – 05.30 : Uluwatu Temple on the Rocky Cliff.
  • 06.00 – 07.00 : Watching Kecak Dance Performance.
  • 07.00 – 08.00 : Enjoy Seafood Dinner at Jimbaran Bay Seafood Restaurant.
  • 08.00 – 09.00 : Back to Hotel.

Notes: The itinerary below is only rough timing, would be change depend on the pickup point and traffic condition on the day itself. Time prediction Above is depend on the traffic situation on the day itself.


  • Toyota Avanza/Suzuki APV: IDR700,000 Per Car Max. 4 Persons

Price Included :

  • Private Air-Conditioned Car.
  • English Speaking Driver as your guide.
  • Gasoline and Car Parking Fees.

Not Include : Entrance/Tickets Fees, Meals and Other personal expenses

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