Tegenungan Waterfall Kemenuh Sukawati Gianyar Bali

Tegenungan Waterfall Kemenuh Sukawati Gianyar Bali

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Tegenungan waterfall is a waterfall located in the village of Kemenuh, District Sukawati, Gianyar regency, Bali located 30 km from the city of Denpasar. This waterfall has a height of 15 meters. Although not so high, the water discharge is very heavy. The water is also clean and clear. This waterfall comes from Tukad Petanu River. This place is often used to do extreme things, such as jumping from the top of the waterfall.

For those want to have amazing picture of the waterfalls, the right time to take picture is in the evening. In case you come in the morning, you will believe that it hard to get a respectable photo by virtue of the light coming into your camera to be substandard contrasted with the blazing light emissions morning sun so that your photographs will be over uncovered.

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