How to Get Bali Car Rental Safely?

How to Get Bali Car Rental Safely?

Bali has many tourist attractions spread around Bali. To get to visit all the destinations, there are many ways to do, but reserving a car is the best way. Especially when you visit Bali with family and friends. Using a car as transportation media will be more comfortable. Not only the time is flexible, but the price is also cheaper. By using Bali car rental, you don’t have to make and follow your itinerary obediently, you can just drive and stop wherever you want to stop. You also can decide where to visit first and where to go last. 

Choose Trusted Rental Company

If you are staying in the hotel, you can ask the staff about Bali car rental recommendations. Some of the hotels have their car rental, some of them just have relations with car rental companies. This way is safe because the hotel will not suggest a low rating rental company. They also want to keep a good reputation. If car rental is one of the hotel facilities, then you don’t have to worry about safety. Usually, when you rent a car for your entire vacation, you have the advantage to negotiate the price. The rental company will give the price per day or hour. If you want to rent for a week or two to three days, then absolutely you can get a discount. Just ask your hotel staff to make a deal. Another way, you can look for Bali car rental airport after you landform your flight.

Bali car rental with professional driver

Do a Research

The other thing you need to do to find the trusted Bali car rental is by conducting some research. If you have colleagues or friends whoever visit Bali, then you can ask them for their references. You can also be finding lots of rental companies online. Look deeply into the website and find people’s reviews. Usually, if car rental is specifically provided for tourists, there will be lots of reviews on the traveling platform. You can just google and will find the information about Bali car rentalDifferent car rental companies will have different rules and regulations. You better contact the company and ask many questions to decide whether you will use their service or not. The car’s type for every car rental is also different. If you want a specific car, you can ask the company. 


After you get all the information about the company and decides to use their service, you have to check the condition of the car. Clarify the type of vehicle, the legal document of the car and all the facilities inside the car such as air conditioning, car seated, the cleanness and the condition of the engines. You will use the car for your vacation, so you have to make sure that the car won’t any trouble later. Everybody wants a perfect vacation, do not let any issue regarding car rental influence it.


While reviewing the car company, ask about the insurance they provided. This will make you and your family safer taking a vacation with the car provided by the Bali car rentalDouble-check whether your travel insurance can cover rental cars abroad. This will give you more benefits.

Bali tour with local bali driver

Choose between Drive on Your Own or Get a Driver

If you don’t have an international driver's license, you can obtain an Indonesian driver’s permit in Foreign License Service in Denpasar. You can use the permit right away by showing your passport and your original driver's license. This license will be expired in a month. If you don’t drive and don’t have a driver's license, then you can as to Bali car rental to include the driver. Hiring a local driver also can save time because they will know the shortest route to a tourist attraction. 

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