My family, in this picture I'm with my wife, and her is wayan Ekarini, Gede is my son boy first and the small daughter is Indah. My name is Nyoman Patrayasa, was born in 1968 a Singapadu village in Gianyar regency on the island of Bali, Indonesia, 

My family has belonged to the Ketut Suda caste and always has been dedicated to growing rice, a task that is still my father. As is normal for someone who was born here, I speak Indonesian and Balinese, but also perfectly speak English, so we will not have any problem to communication.

Every part of this island and everything there is to know about its people, traditions, customs, ceremonies, monuments. In 1993 I started working as a tour guide for a long time and I did travel with some tourist, but later decided to marry out on my own and devote myself to serve as a guide to all travelers Americans, England, Malaysia, who so wish. 

If you come with me, travel with a friend willing to help you out and answer in detail want which questions you have about this wonderful Bali island , its people and its traditions, helps, you know this culture and way of seeing the world and understanding life. I believe you will happy and get the experience can’t you forget! That if you do not decide to stay! I invite you to browse my website and if you decide to travel to Bali, you have to contact me or tell me what kind of trip you want to do and what you need .I have a number of excursions www.balipujatour are classic here in Bali, but if you want to do any kind of activity com only have to tell me and I'll make a tour for you.